May 11

Redemption / Prize games post


I'm part of a ticket/prize redemption community. We do ticket games, coin pushers and crane machines. While looking around there are no good bloggers covering our content. I would love to see some blog posts on some of this stuff. For example you could talk about crane machines vs online crane games vs this new gamergreen system.

So it's very interesting you bring this up. While I myself do not partake in ticket/prize games, I am very aware of the community's existence. I'd say the redemption scene is a heckuva lot stronger than the video game crowd, at least in terms of visibility.


Though I can't say I'm a fan of all the "I WON AT THE ARCADE!!1!!" vlog-style content, I do see that redemption gamers exist. (I mean, just look at the insane view counts folks like Arcade Matt get.)


I don't know if I could do your scene justice blogging about it regularly--because, like I said, I don't play those games--I can still highlight your community in a comparative sense. Even if I don't care for all-caps, unscripted vlogs, at least your scene HAS a YouTube presence. Modern video arcade gamers are barely existent on the platform.


And you've always inspired me to kick my own YouTube presence into high gear. I've been meaning to do that for a while.


I don't know what my coverage will look like yet. And I've gotta admit, it'll probably be super minimal. (My blog is, like, solely video games and pinball.) But I'll try. Thank you so much for joining the forum and leaving feedback! It seriously means the world to me.


Even if we game differently, keep on gaming! I understand the importance of community and highly appreciate your devotion to your own. (I'm a big part of the video arcade community and a smaller part of the rhythm game community.)

I actually just read your bio and saw that you are a very dedicated member of your community. Even if you and I occupy different sectors, I respect the heck out of that.

As far as doing our scene justice it wont take much due to the lack of actual bloggers covering it. I do know there is a huge youtube following and don't fully understand why it was never taken up by any bloggers since there is so much to write about. Writing a blog about a comparison between Main Event, Dave and Busters and Round one would be great read. Talking about the difference between coin pushers and discussing the down right addiction people have to them. I have an older guy in his late 60s that plays nothing but zombie snatcher every half price Wednesday at my Dave and Busters while drinking beer. He donates all of his tickets to toys for tots and I know last December he donated almost 1 million tickets ~ $3400. If you are interested and want a wall to throw ideas at I'm here.

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  • Hey, everybody. While I know I haven't touched this forum since May, I also know it has its fair share of members. That's why I have a question for you. The Wilcox Arcade Discord server ( has been up for a month or so now. Our group has really good time talking about games. And to be's much more active than the forum ever was. For the sake of cohesion and simplicity, I'm thinking about hiding the forum pages (not deleting) and replacing their tabs with a link to the Discord server. If there's ever renewed interest, I could bring the forum back. Since I already have article comment sections, this forum may have never been necessary to begin with. I just wanted to try something fun! So, whaddya think? Forum and Discord? Or just Discord? I'll probably do a Twitter poll, too. Thank you all for your continued support! I love this community.
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