May 13, 2019

Back in August 2018, I came across an interesting title on BumbleBear Games’ website that was, at the time, available for preorder at a discounted price. This game, from the developer of Killer Queen, proclaimed to be all about speed, death, and…well, Japanese psychedelic rock. Its name was Black Emperor—and it’s here.

Though in that preorder status for quite some time, Black Emperor was made available for full release just this March. Even better, the game was shown off at Amusement Expo 2019, m...

March 13, 2019

Although it may sound painfully obvious, I’ve recently found that writing quicker, less in-depth articles is considerably more manageable than intensely detailed, long-form pieces. That’s why, given busy as I’ve been over the past few months, I’ve decided to start leaning more heavily on “bite-sized” articles. This doesn’t mean 3,000-word Wilcox Arcade articles are gone—not by any means—but I will be giving myself a breather, so to speak. (Top-notch reviews are still on the way!)

With the short-f...

March 6, 2019

By now, I think it’s more than clear that I am a man of coin-op tastes. Arcades are my soul passion—my single-minded obsession—and I’m doing everything in my power to support them. And on the whole, things have been looking really solid lately. We’ve seen a slew of indie titles (including Killer Queen, Skycurser, Cosmotrons, Tipsy Raccoons, and Rashlander); the exA-Arcadia hardware platform dedicated to reinvigorating the market; and overall good numbers from all corners of the industry.

Even so,...

January 2, 2019

It's kind of amusing to me how incredibly convoluted the Bandai Namco Umbrella of companies can be. Both the Bandai side and the Namco side have many, many subsidiaries. And within Namco, you'll find groups with rather similar names that perform wildly different tasks. The main branches, in my eyes, are Bandai Namco Entertainment, which handles the development of home console games, and Bandai Namco Amusements, which handles the development of arcade games. Even those main companies, though, are...

December 19, 2018

Hey, everybody. Remember me? I’m that little video game boy with a blog. It’s been a long, long time since I ran my last post, but I’m finally back. You see, I’ve been pretty dang busy lately. With my usual school demands, applying for a whole crud-load of university junk, and working a part-time job at the local Save-a-Lot, I haven’t had much time to spare for writing. To make matters worse (or better!), I finally bought a Nintendo Switch, and it’s really captivated my remaining leisure hours....

October 22, 2018

Cosmotrons, as many of you already know, is a title I’ve spoken about on numerous occasions. Developed by Arcadeaholics, the game is a sort of four-player, competitive spin on vector graphics classics like Gravitar and Space Duel. At the time of announcement and even now, Cosmotrons felt truly unique—in everything from the gameplay to the display and even to the control scheme. It was certainly interesting to see a modern release pay homage to vector-based titles, and certainly a nice change of...

October 8, 2018

If I haven’t made it clear by now, let me lay it out for ya: I’m a mega DDR freak. I’ve written countless articles about not only Dance Dance Revolution but also about similar games like StepManiaX and Pump It Up. And while I may not be super great or anything, I sure do love it. So the announcement of a DDR movie should get me excited, right?


Last week, Variety reported that a Dance Dance Revolution movie, of all things, is currently in the works. Developed by Greg Silverman’s recently launc...

October 1, 2018

As many of you already surely know, home console ports of arcade games are bit rare these days. The disparity between home console and arcade tech has, to some extent, leveled out, and new video arcade games have become increasingly expensive. To protect operators and ensure a satisfying return-on-investment, most games stay arcade-exclusive these days. After all, why shoot the operator in the foot?

            However, that’s not to say that home ports are no longer a thing. We’ve seen sporadic...

September 17, 2018

The GTI Asia China Expo has come and gone, and it’s wake are a slew of new arcade games meant primarily for the Chinese and broader Asian market. Though we’ve already discussed one of the exciting titles brought to the show (the Beat Saber virtual reality rhythm game from Hyperbolic Magnetism), something else came up that absolutely demanded my attention.

Universal Space (UNIS), a leading manufacturer of amusement machines in China, returned to the GTI Expo this year with a pretty decent booth, a...

August 13, 2018

I’ve got some real neat-like stuff to talk about today, kiddos. We have the fancy new Deadpool pin from Stern, a location test for StepManiaX, and—gasp—an update on Strike Harbinger? Man, this musta been one heckuva week, because I’m diggin’ all this news. (And don’t worry; I’ll try to address the all the new Exa-Arcadia deets from California Extreme at some point. One post at a time, boys and girls. One post at a time.)

            So without further ado, let’s get totally crackin’!...

July 30, 2018

Hello, boys and girls of the Internet! After long last, I have returned from the five-week Governor’s Scholar Program (GSP), and I’m ready to kick things back into high gear. As you may have noticed, my four most recent articles weren’t exactly topical. I published a SEGA 2018 Arcade Wishlist, a critical dissection of modern Raw Thrills racing games, my first Arcade Hype List of 2018, and my first Arcade Retrospective since January. While it was, in my opinion, a good batch of pre-scheduled...

June 14, 2018

Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year was an interesting one. I don’t know if anyone expected too much, but when you really sit back and analyze it, the event wasn’t too crazy at all. Sure, we saw a few game reveals, but most of those games had already been leaked. (Including Killer Queen Black, which I am very excited for.) In all actuality, Nintendo’s E3 centered on one thing: Smash.

When Smash was first teased for the Switch three months ago, I’m not sure what any of us expected. Coming at the...

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