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Zoe Taylor
Mar 13, 2022
In Arcade Support says it has been in the business of writing for around 11 years. It is difficult to verify this as we only have information going back about six years. However, we do not know the exact date, but it is an operational service. Therefore, this review will be provided to students so they can get as much information as possible before making a decision to use 5 Homework. When evaluating the company, we reviewed all content, including testimonials and blog posts, sample writing, blog posts, customer comments, reviews that we found on the internet, and our own experiences by ordering a brief college research paper. This is all we know about 5 Homework: on GlobalHack: Products and Services offers writing assistance to students from high school through graduate level. These services include all written products, including basic essays and Ph.D. dissertations. On the company website, you will find a list of available products. Additional services include proofreading and editing, admissions essays, scholarship essays, and assistance with homework. Another unique feature is the ability to pay someone to teach your online classes. Site Quality has a well-organized site with links to the most essential information at each page. You will find additional links at the bottom that lead to pages for your specific needs. The site loads very quickly. The information on each page is precise and clear. Quality of Products and Services Here are the real issues. Here are some of the factors we used to judge quality. We were able to review a few of these samples. They are, in short, terrible. Writing is typical of a middle or upper elementary student. These resources are far too basic to be used at college level. Many composition errors can be found, and many of the word usage mistakes indicate that they were not written by native English speakers. Many customers complained about the same issues. They also received revisions upon request. Blog posts, which were purportedly written by their authors, also contained the same problems. We can all agree that 5 Homework does not represent a fraud or a scam. However, the quality is simply not there. Our customer service experience was not satisfactory. We contacted them three times. We weren't given detailed answers to our queries. This indicates that the company uses an answering service rather than trained support staff. This, however, is completely absurd. Price and Discounts 5Homework pricing falls within the average range of the industry. We are not surprised by the level of quality provided by 5Homework. This should be a warning for students not to select a service that is low in price. We were not able to locate any discount or promotional code available for new customers. Customer service told us that sometimes customers who place large orders receive coupons codes to get discounts. We were browsing the site when a pop-up appeared offering a 10% discount if you gave your email to "subscribe". Extra Features While we did not find any other benefits, since we were not charged for the title and bibliography pages, we think these could be considered as benefits. Anything additional a customer requests, such a plagiarism report will cost. Conclusion When we looked at the pros and cons of 5 Homework, we couldn't find much to be proud of. The writing is terrible, the customer service is not satisfactory, and the quality is simply not there. The company is not a member of the BBB. This writing service has been rated "Poor" by our staff. Related Resources: 99papers Review Review: Perfect Paper Writing Service in 2021 Review: High Prices

Zoe Taylor

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