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General Update 06/18/18

Hey, everybody. Today’s article is kind of a throwaway one. The last time I posted a General Update, I entered a month-long hiatus. But don’t worry; this time will be different.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, considering my circumstances), I will be gone for five whole weeks this summer. After undergoing a grueling application process back in November, I was accepted into the Governor’s Scholar Program and will be spending my break on a college campus. I’ll be taking literature classes and maybe I’ll meet some new people, but most importantly, I’ll be entitled to some scholarship opportunities.

As happy as I am to have to earned entry into this program, I am a bit disheartened that my blog may suffer just a little because of it. (Also, I haven’t been able to apply for a summer job because of this. However, considering how much I DON'T want to work another minimum wage job ever again and how much more I value scholarship money, I think I’ll survive.)

Still yet, I am determined to keep this blog alive. The next five weeks of articles may be a little dry—heck, you might even call ‘em filler—but at least there will be articles. I fully intend to keep my not-yet interrupted stream of content going and going until the very end of the year. 2017 was riddled with schedule holes, but 2018 has been different. I’m stoked that fatigue hasn’t set in yet.

Other than that, I guess not much has happened lately. But since this is, in fact, a General Update, I figure I should give you all the low-down on my life.

My main arcade games right now are Dance Dance Revolution A and The Fast and the Furious. Very rarely do I visit Dave and Buster’s, so DDR A is a super-special-awesome treat. F&F, on the other hand, is just 10 minutes away. I can drive to the local Wal-Mart Supercenter and play it as much as I like. (And, you know, as much as my wallet will allow.)

As far as home console games go, I haven’t been too active. Earlier this summer, I finally got around to beating Drek on the first Ratchet and Clank game so I could go ahead and call it then. Then, I dove right into Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, but I kinda gave up. Not because it was hard—not at all. I just kinda let it go. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Ratchet: Deadlocked, Dynasty Warriors 2, and Jak 2 aren’t going to finish themselves anytime soon….

I dunno. I’ll mess with my many wonderful PlayStation 2 games at some point. Now just isn’t the time. I’ve been letting a lot of my hobbies fall to the wayside lately, though. I haven’t made time for TV since the Season 3 premiere of Star Vs. the Forces of Evil. Heck, I don’t even know when new episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball air. I’ve just forgotten to do all the things I like.

But hey, I’ve got time until I graduate and have to go to college. I’ve got a little more time to do a whole lotta nuthin’.

The future is upon us. Writing this has reminded me how much I let my blog dominate my life, though. Sigh. The things I do to prepare for my future.

So leave now. But please come back for my future articles, ya flippin’ nerds.


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