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Gimmick! exAct☆MIX Now on Location Test

Gimmick! exAct☆MIX will be on location test from Friday, December 27, 2019 to Friday, January 3, 2020 at Takadanobaba Game Center Mikado in Japan.

Developed exclusively for exA-Arcadia by Team EXA AM1, Gimmick! exAct☆MIX is a full remake of Sunsoft’s obscure 1992 Famicom platformer.

This updated iteration will boast “an all-new arranged soundtrack by Manabu Namiki, all new artwork, native 1080p widescreen support, and all-new scoring systems,” according to a tweet released by exA-Arcadia.

Check out the official trailer below (courtesy of fellow arcade news site Arcade Belgium).

I’ve been deeply intrigued by the exA-Arcadia release of Gimmick! since it was first announced at JAEPO 2019. Alhough I haven’t played the original Famicon version, I love platformers of every variety, so I know this is right up my alley.

I’m also very excited to see any platformer grace arcades, as we in the coin-op space been all too starved of the genre for many years.

All in all, I can’t wait to see how Gimmick! exAct☆MIX shapes up upon release. Here’s hoping it’s a solid title that finds favor on the market.

Keep it real, ya sweaty nerds.


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