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StepManiaX Testing in the UK This Spring

Step Revolution’s hit dance game StepManiaX is confirmed to undergo a location test in the UK this spring, according to developer Kyle Ward.

The news first broke in a tweet from renowned UK arcade manager Toby Na Nakhorn, saying: “Toby dancegamering news. Stepmaniax arcade cab will be tested in London this Spring.”

The information was publicly verified shortly after when Ward quote-tweeted Na Nakhorn. “Excited for the UK to experience ‪#StepManiaX [Union Jack emoji],” he said. “@7Ten shhh it's suppose to be an Easter secret! [Smirking face emoji]”

At this time, neither Step Revolution nor the UK company involved with the test have confirmed the arcade at which the test will take place.

My take? This is huge news. While I still have yet to find a StepManiaX cabinet myself, I’m overjoyed that the UK arcade community—and oft-underserved bunch—will finally have that opportunity.

Now, the only concern is whether or not the title will perform well enough on test to warrant a full release. Fortunately, Ward is very confident in his product.

"The company that will represent it is a very good company with extensive knowledge of the UK market,” he said on Twitter. “All will be determined based on earnings and low maintenence for operators. I can say that the circumstances seem very positive based on our success in other markets so far. [Fingers crossed emoji]”

Based on what little we know so far, it does at least seem like there’s a good team behind this project.

“One guy who currently works for that company basically kick started my whole PIU [Pump It Up] events stuff, and helped get UK's entry into World Pump Festival 2006,” Na Nakhorn added.

So far, the UK rhythm gaming community seems to be responding well—and why wouldn’t they? In the words of Spain-based Twitter user Mike Litoris (@nitroburr), “That’s BIG.”

Here's hoping that, if StepManiaX ultimately survives the testing process, a good number of arcade operators across the UK will purchase a cabinet. I suggest calling local arcades and requesting the game if they don’t “get the memo.”

All in all, this is a wicked cool development in the world of dance games. Make sure you check back here at Wilcox Arcade for the latest updates on this story. (And join my Discord, as well, where we’ll likely discuss points of interest.)

Keep it real, ya sweaty nerds.

Edit 02/19/2020 at 12:20 p.m. CST: Yes, I know what his name means.


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