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Game Refuge Encourages Fans to Get Involved With Upcoming General Chaos Sequel

Game Refuge’s long-awaited General Chaos sequel is well underway. Now, the studio is encouraging its fans to share the news.

“Please SHARE this with everyone so it goes viral and we can bring these Great Days Back Again (sic)!” said Game Refuge is a social media post last week. The company also asked fans to send an email to for the “next update.”

For those, like myself, who were not previously familiar with the title, General Chaos is a multiplayer, real-time tactics game developed by Game Refuge and published by Electronic Arts for Sega Genesis in 1993.

Game Refuge is an independent development studio by Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman, creators of such good ol’ Midway hits as Rampage and Arch Rivals. They’ve done a lot of fascinating work in their 28 years of existence, including titles for the TouchTunes PlayPorTT. (Remember that thing?)

General Chaos II is slated to hit PC and consoles at a yet undisclosed date. An arcade port is also possible, according to a statement from General Chaos artist Brian Colin on Twitter.

“I have an arcade guy I’m talking to,” Colin said. “Main thing is getting the word out so I can get that first version done.”

It should be noted that Game Refuge cooperated with Galloping Ghost Productions for previous arcade release The Spectre Files: Deathstalker. However, Colin didn’t mention a specific partner on Twitter.

The PC version will boast touchpad and mouse controls; separate viewports and dynamic cameras; new characters and weapons; new squads and movement options; customizable standing orders and “battle cries”; environmental hazards within 3D terrains; vehicles, villagers, and rebel resistance; a “multiplayer multiverse” with a “plunder-based” economy; as well as “louder, funnier, and extremely close-combat options.”

If you’d like a better feel for how General Chaos II is shaping up, you can watch a selection of in-game captures on the official Facebook page or check out the five-minute overview video released in January 2016.

Although isn’t much more to share at present time, I’ll make sure to update you all whenever Game Refuge releases more details. Heck, I might as well email them myself and see what happens.

In the meantime, you can keep in touch with me by reaching out on Twitter or by joining my Discord server.


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