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I Finally Found a Purpose for the Wilcox Arcade YouTube Channel Again

Four years and six months. Or, to put it another way, 1,644 days.


That’s how long it had been since I last published a video to the Wilcox Arcade YouTube channel on October 7th, 2019. I’m not super proud of that total, but I’m at least glad I wasn’t pumping out drivel during that entire time.


When I first started the channel, I recorded audio versions of my written blog posts, the first of which I went live on May 29th, 2019. September 16th of that year was when I took a stab at “off-the-cuff” commentaries accompanying the latest game announcements, coinciding with the announcement of the ill-fated Crazy Ride arcade game.


It wasn’t until October 7th, 2019, that I uploaded a minute-long video that I surprisingly still love today: a promo for the “House of the Dead High Score Competition” I was running at the Main Street Tavern game room that month.

All in all, my videos from this era didn’t exactly comprise the most focused lineup, possibly part of why I gave up the craft for a while. As someone who has always enjoyed editing video, you can image how disheartening this felt to me.


The main reason for me disregarding my channel, however, was I simply that I couldn’t conjure enough ideas to spread between it, my blog, and my column for RePlay Magazine. I had to devise something different for…well, a different medium.


Lo and behold, I finally cracked it. Considering I’m a commercial producer by trade – and I just recently relaunched my temporarily dormant route business – I decided to continue on the trajectory first initiated by that four-year-old House of the Dead promo and utilize the Wilcox Arcade YouTube channel almost exclusively for commercials.


I uploaded the first of these spots on April 7th, 2024, to advertise my upcoming debut at the Trends N Treasures Merchants Mall in Murray, Kentucky. My friends Cade Utterback and Nick Kendall, as well as my fiancée Jordan Harrell, helped me record it the day before.

Given my propensity for the age-old 30-second format, I can easily see myself shooting out plenty more of these any time I have something new to showcase. In fact, I’ll have a new commercial ready within the next week.


The only downside is that my YouTube output will now be decidedly more local than it ever was before, but I don’t think that’s the end of the world, per se. People who enjoy arcade-related content will likely continue observing these developments, regardless of their region of origin.


If this is kind of content you’d like to see in your feed, please consider subscribing to my channel at your nearest convenience. I genuinely don’t believe you’ll regret it – because I have a ton of big ideas already in the proverbial hatch.


(I don’t intend to delete any of my old stuff, in case anyone was wondering, simply so it can stand as a testament to my progress as a creator.)


But yeah, that’s all I have to say for now. See ya in the next post.



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