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Video Game Stores in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Shopping for video games isn’t what it used to be. When I was a child, my only option was to save up my money dollar-by-dollar and have my parents drive me to GameStop or Walmart. Now that I’m older, I can browse or eBay or the additional local gaming outlets that have popped up in recent years.

In that vein, this article is dedicated to cataloguing all the known stores that sell video games in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, whether or not that’s their sole intention. I figured it was high time somebody dropped this resource into the world. Seeing as how I’ve lived in Hopkinsville most of my life, I may as well be the guy to do it.

Let’s jump right into things, shall we?



If you’re looking to buy new or used modern games, systems, and peripherals, there’s really no better option in all Hopkinsville than Game Stop. (Shoot, I’d say that rule applies just about anywhere in the U.S.) Although much of their floorspace has become dominated by gaming-related clothing and trinkets as of late, they still have plenty of games on display.

Truthfully, I don’t shop at GameStop very often because modern games tend to run too pricy for my cheapskate sensibilities. I mainly frequent the storefront to kill time on weekends. I’m also a big fan of the Powerup Rewards program for the occasional discounts and, more importantly, the accompanying Game Informer subscription.


Game X Change

Game X Change is essentially the GameStop of used media in Hopkinsville. Here, you can find all manner of gaming goodies for the Atari onward, as well as various movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray. Like GameStop, Game X Change offers fairly meager sums for trade-ins, but at least Game X Change is upfront about it.

This is one of my favorite places in town to hang out and star wistfully at games. And—get this—I often buy stuff while I’m there. Being the sweaty sixth-generation collector I am, the main appeal for me is their “three for $10” deal on PlayStation 2 titles. I can’t begin to tell you how many neat products I’ve purchased here over the years.


Oddball Media and Music

While it may occupy a smaller space, I’d argue Oddball Media and Music is the superior option over Game X Change for snapping up used media. Oddball’s game selection skews older, for sure, but they also sell music. Last time I went, I bought The Used on CD in addition to Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam, Mojo!, and Fantastic 4 for PlayStation 2. Eclectic, right?

Writing about Oddball Media and Music poses an inherent conflict of interest for me since my friend’s family owns the store, but that’s precisely why I like it so dang much. There’s nowhere else in Hopkinsville I can not only buy great stuff but also support someone I’ve known nearly my entire life in the process. I truly love that feeling.



As much as I love to hate Walmart as a company, I’d be lying if I said their game selection isn’t worth checking out. You’re guaranteed to find at least the heavy hitters for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series X/S, but you might stumble up on a shelf-full of Wii titles depending on the day.

I have no clue how the mad lads at Walmart do it, but they almost always have brand-new titles listed $5 to $10 cheaper than GameStop, hitting me with the age-old dilemma of “discount now versus Powerup Rewards later.” Plus, I think they’re selection of PC shovelware is utterly hilarious, so that’s something to consider.



Out of all the stores on this list Goodwill has by far the least consistent selection of video games. The vast majority of the time, you won’t be able to thumb through more than three or four PS2 sports titles before you’ve run out of options. (I would know.) When the pickings are nice, though, they’re really nice.

My favorite Goodwill finds to date are Hot Shots Golf, Test Drive 6, and Kingdom Hearts (the latter of which won’t load past the main menu, but still). That’s not even considering the finds I failed to purchase, such as a sleek slate of Super Nintendo games. For the best results, perform superstitious rites before trekking to a consignment shop like this.


Because I haven’t visited literally every store in Hopkinsville, I’m sure I overlooked multiple pawn shops and whatnot when crafting this list. Regardless, I feel what I’ve written is comprehensive enough to suit the needs of most local gamers. I’ve certainly made due hopping between these five stores during my tenure in this town.

I had a lot of fun writing something more localized for my blog. My readers may visit from far and wide, but I’ll always be a Hopkinsville native at heart. For that reason, I’ll indulge in my roots from time to time. (I’m also banking on this article sticking in search results so I get more traffic. What can I say? I’m cynically motivated.)

I’m done. Follow me on Twitter or whatever.



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