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Mar 17, 2019
In Arcade News
For anyone hoping that Bandai Namco is going to come "back to the light" on coin-op video, it's not looking like they're going to do so anytime soon. But if VR is your thing, they'll have two games they didn't make at Amusement Expo: Of course, I'm becoming a little jaded on the whole VR push in the business. It's a symptom of the rest of the industry trying to make FECs happy, but I've yet to see any numbers that prove that it's worth it (plus maintenance, plus an attendant, plus insurance, etc.). I get why consultants have thrown everything out the window to push it, since short-sighted investors are throwing stupid amounts of money at a tech that has poor ROI. But the only product that has shown up in the charts as making some money is Virtual Rabbids, and that's a $50k machine. In Namco's case, I've not heard of a single location out there (in the US) that has added their We Play VR thing by AI Solve, but they've been pushing it almost three years now. If they did Mario Kart VR as a cabinet, then I'm sure that would sell a few, but otherwise, I don't see why they keep chasing this thing like they've been. Please Exa, come soon


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