Howdy, y'all. Welcome to Wilcox Arcade.

Hi, I’m Dustin Wilcox, and I write this blog…for some reason.


I guess you could say that I do the usual teenager-y things: hanging out with friends, working a part-time job, studying for the ACT…and totally obsessing over arcade games and comic books.


Though I’m no Arcade Heroes (great website, by the way, you should totally check it out), I certainly try to write stuff that people would find, you know, readable. Since I started this website in February 2017, I’ve regularly (in the loosest sense of the word) written arcade game commentaries and reviews and provided my thoughts on a number of arcade-related subjects.


In July 2017, my blog received an update that was much needed: becoming Wilcox Arcade AND Comics. With that change, I was able to delve into so many more interesting subjects (and review my monthly pull list, just for the fun of it). And of course, with that change came many appealing aesthetic alterations (alliteration, people) that, in my opinion, were MUCH needed.


So if you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself, “But Dustin, why on Earth would I read this blog? It’s just discount Arcade Heroes.” And that, my friends, is a gosh darn good question. My answer? Eh, it’s just if you wanna see what a 16-year-old dude with way too much free time (or horrible misuse of very little free time) thinks about arcades and comics. Seriously, how many other teenagers do you know that have such niche interests?


With all of that being said, I sure hope ya like my blog. It consumes my life, heh heh. (Unfortunately, I'm not joking.)


If you could leave you with any final thoughts on my lowly About page, it’s this: You see, this blog is very much a work-in-progress. I’m young, and I’ve got my whole life ahead of me. This blog used to be only about arcade games, but I soon realized that it was a bore to focus on one topic and one topic only. Just a month or so before that, I changed the format of my cover images for posts. Why? I wanted to make it look better. Heck, even this About page has been revised before! But I do this because I’m learning and it’s fun, and because no one’s reading this thing anyway.


Whatcha waitin’ for? Let’s read some of my articles! Arcade-related posts are up on Mondays, and comic-related posts are up on Thursdays.


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