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Howdy, y'all. Welcome to Wilcox Arcade.
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Hey there. My name is Dustin Wilcox, and I write this blog.


When I started Wilcox Arcade in February 2017, at the ripe age of 15 years old, I wanted to share my clinically unsound obsession with arcades with the world. So I put to fingertips to keyboard…knowing naught for what my weekly musings would become.


Blabbering on and on about arcade games these past few years has been a dream come true. Sure, as a college student, I don’t have all the time in the world to devote to my blog—who would?—but even so, I wouldn’t trade this gig for the world.


You see, Wilcox Arcade is a different take on arcade industry coverage. I treat coin-operated video games with the same respect as home games—and I’m very to the point. If I love something in the world of arcades, you’ll darn well know about it. And if I don’t love something…well, you get the idea.


I try to bring a fresh point of view to coin-op. A player’s perspective, if you will. I, for one, think it works.


In February 2019, Wilcox Arcade transcended its “reviews, news, and commentary” roots when I started my own route of coin-operated games under the same name. Since then, I’ve placed 10 video games and candy machines in three locations across Hopkinsville, Kentucky.


My approach to arcade operations mirrors how I run my blog: The needs of players (and my creative vision) always come first. Though I’m new to the route business, I’m trying my absolute darnedest to succeed.

In addition to my blog and route, I've had a lot of fun expanding into ancillary services, such as my social media pages, my YouTube channel, and my Discord server, all of which I use to connect with the wonderful individuals that comprise the arcade community.


Wilcox Arcade, in a way, has become a little empire. And let me tell you: that's a very special thing.


Beyond Wilcox Arcade, I produce editorial art for The Murray State News, I write for Cultured Vultures (kind of), and I write a monthly “Player’s Perspective” column for RePlay Magazine.


Now, as we roll into the ‘20s, I want Wilcox Arcade to be the best experience it can possibly be. This means more reader/player outreach, more interviews, (hopefully) more reviews, and more of my personal touch. I sincerely hope you’ll join me along the way.


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