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Tetris Dimensions Thoughts

Good afternoon, my coin-op comrades. Today, I bring you a gift. Not a particularly good gift—nor a particularly timely one—but a gift just the same.

What is this benign offering, you ask? None other than a new discussion video on the Wilcox Arcade YouTube channel.

My latest video (actually posted on September 23) covers the location test sighting of Tetris Dimensions, a new entry in the long-running block puzzle series from Play Mechanix, Raw Thrills, and I.C.E. (All photos and footage courtesy of Arcade Heroes. Thanks, Arcade Heroes!)

Though I can’t say I like everything revealed so far—especially not that confounded ticket redemption feature—it’s shaping to be a pretty decent release.

Will we see Tetris Dimensions in arcades in the coming months? Well, we don’t for sure.

As this is a location test, it could be cancelled or retooled at any time. (But I will say this one seems like a likely enough candidate for completion.)

I should also note that I have not played Tetris Dimensions yet. I provide prerelease thoughts based on all game media available and my own judgment. I’m usually pretty spot-on.

But with all that being said, what are your thoughts on Tetris Dimensions? My Tetris-playing friends have said it looks beyond basic, but I don’t have enough background knowledge to truly compare.

Guess that more or less wraps up my, uh…article.

Please leave immediately.

Oh, and tell American arcade game developers to start announcing their location tests like Japanese developers do. We aren’t living in 1989 anymore.


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