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exA-Arcadia Preview: Blazing Chrome

We live in a society.

The third title in my “exA-Arcadia Preview” series is pretty killer. Blazing Chrome, developed by JoyMasher and published by The Arcade Crew, is an awesome run-and-gun adventure drawing clear inspiration from both Contra and Metal Slug. These inspirations, as you’ll see, are a very good thing.

Blazing Chrome is set in a robot-controlled world where human lives are expendable. It’s up to you—the player, assuming the role of a resistance soldier—to infiltrate and AI power plant and take the corrupt regime down. (Or “blaze some chrome,” if you will.)

Like Contra, there are oodles of special weapons littered throughout each environment. And like Metal Slug, you’ll occasionally hop into giant, armored suits and lay waste to everything around you. There are occasional high-speed hoverbike sequences, too, if that’s your sort of thing.

Take a gander at the trailer to better see what I’m talking about.

Blazing Chrome features an Arcade Mode and a Boss Rush mode, both of which can be enjoyed by up to two players. I unfortunately have yet to play this game with a buddy, but I imagine it’s just as wicked cool.

Arcade Mode is exactly what you expect. You shred through five stages dispatching robot scum, as well as deadly bosses and mini-bosses along the way. It’s a heckuva lotta fun, and on your first try, it may take some time to conquer. (My first run was 6 hours long. I’m not that great at video games, am I?)

In Boss Rush Mode, you face the game’s ugly bosses once more—only now, in true boss rush fashion, one after the other. It’s comforting that these modes are exactly what they say on the tin. Boss Rush Mode itself can be played either in “Default Mode” or “Mirror Mode.” (I think you know the drill.)

Arcade Mode and Boss Rush Mode are both tons of fun. While Blazing Chrome isn’t the longest game in the world, it’s still a full-fledged experience, so to speak. It’s exactly as long—and as full of action—as it needs to be without feeling undercooked or overstaying its welcome. This will be an important factor when the title is eventually translated to the coin-op format.

Making these modes all the more entertaining is the cast of characters at your disposable. You’re given the choice of two at the start, but that roster expands once you’ve completed Arcade Mode. Playable characters include:

  • Mavra

  • Doyle

  • Raijin

  • Suhalia

Each character plays completely differently, and in my experience, each are equally fun. It’s whatever floats your boat, ya know? (I’d like to tell you I’ve picked a favorite character, but they’re all far too interesting for me to make such a choice.)

I’m beyond excited for Blazing Chrome's impending arcade release. I don’t foresee it being widely popular in every arcade—after all, it’s pretty niche—but I do see it carving out a healthy following in traditional arcades, retrocades, and arcade bars.

Although exA-exclusive content for Blazing Chrome AC has not yet been revealed, I’m personally rooting for additional playable characters. Only time will tell, however, what goodies we’ll be in store for. (How much you wanna bet on “new balancing”? I’ll put in 10 bucks if you do.)

Blazing Chrome is a darn good game. So if you love classic run-and-guns and have $16.99 to spare, I seriously recommend you pick it up on the Nintendo eShop. (Or if you’re a cheapskate like me, you can add it to your wish list and wait for a discount.)

Until next time, I’m out. I hope all of you beautiful boys and girls out there have a wonderful day.

Me? I’m gonna play Katamari Damcy Reroll and Hulk now.

Katmari Damacy and also Hulk

My gaming tastes are all over the place.


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