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StepManiaX Gets Tracker App, 11 New Songs, and New Language in Updates

Step Revolution Revolution has been very busy supporting StepManiaX with further content updates over the past few months, as seen with the release of a Tracker App, 11 new songs, and the inclusion of Japanese as a supported language.

The company announced May 6 that StepManiaX would receive 11 additional songs through an online update this month. This latest crop of tracks represents the Eurobeat, Eurodance, drum and buss, and electro swing genres, including:

  • “Bang Bang Bang (Handsup Style Mix)” by DCX

  • “Dance Boom Boom (The Factory Eurobeat Mix)” by Tipsy & Tipsy

  • “Flash In The Night” by Flashman

  • “Hero” by Miss Papaya

  • “Monolith” by Affinity

  • “NightMoves” by Playmaker

  • “Senorita (Speedy Mix)” by Jenny Rom

  • “Typical Tropical” by Bambee

  • “Who R You (Beat You Edit)” by Leo Pigot

  • “Whoopsy Daisy” by Wolfgang Lohr & Balduin feat. Sebastian Daws

  • “Young Forever” by Rebecca

“Kudos to them!” said a user by the handle @INGLOMI, praising the inclusion of music by user @ashastral.

Step Revolution also shared March 31 that the StepManiaX Tracker Mobile App is now available on iOS and Android, enabling players to scan scores, track progress, compete with rivals, and climb the leaderboard remotely.

Player feedback was very positive, with a user by the handle @TOASTboi27 saying, “We just need more machines and this could be something really special.”

The app comes as one of Step Revolution’s recent efforts to engage players beyond the arcade. In late April, the developer encouraged fans to send in their StepManiaX photos “at home” for a chance to “win some prizes.”

User @DG_Toasty posted one such photo on Twitter, commenting “It’s always a great day for #StepManiax!”

On top of that, the company announced on March 16 that Japanese is now one of the 7 supported interfaces languages, further expanding the accessibility of the experience.

“Thank you for your support for adopting Japanese,” said a user by the handle @untsuri. “And it became easier to guide my acquaintance. I would be happy if we could provide a good environment for Japanese players.”

All in all, it seems that the dance game team at Step Revolution is just as busy as ever cranking out content for their community. Here’s hoping more good news is on the way.

Until then, keep it real—and join my Discord server to talk more StepManiaX.


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