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TouchMagix Implements COVID-19 Attract Mode PSAs

TouchMagix USA has the honor of being the arcade game manufacturer to push out a COVID-19 awareness initiative thanks to the “Play safe and stay safe” attract mode messages now rolling out into their games.

According to previous reporting by Arcade Heroes, these “pandemic-focused” sequences will vary from game to game. The approximately 30-second sequence showcased on Arcade Heroes’ YouTube channel shares the following steps for viral spread prevention:

  1. Sanitize your hands before you commence play. (#SanitizeYourHands)

  2. Respect social distancing. (#SocialDistancing)

  3. Preferably wear a mash. Cover your cough and sneeze. (#WearAMask)

  4. Keep children supervised at all times. (#KeepChildrenSupervised)

Arcade Heroes says that these screens are implemented into new TouchMagix games and can be shut off in the operator settings once the concern over coronavirus has subsided. Personally, I’m really glad that the setting is a permanent fixture of the machines, because it’ll be fun to come back to this many years from now and remember what life was like in 2020.

While I haven't had the opportunity to play any of their games, I have to give TouchMagix major props for pushing such a forward-thinking series of PSAs. Measures such as this are integral to maintaining the public’s trust despite the possible safety concerns of public gaming.

I also get a kick out of these coronavirus messages for purely nostalgic reasons: They remind me of the “Winners don’t use drugs” and “Recycle it, don’t trash it!” AAMA strategies of decades passed. It’s been a long time since players were shown any kind of educational material via an arcade game attract mode.

As always, I’m hoping that the virus gets the heck out of our hair so people can resume their daily lives safely. Goodness knows that COVID-19 has not been good to the arcade industry—and TouchMagix is making moves to ensure things get better.

For more of the latest coin-op news as it happens, make sure to follow Wilcox Arcade on Twitter or join my Discord server. I’m out.


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