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I’m Writing an Arcade Book!

Today’s news is something I’ve been sitting on for a while—and I’m so ready to spill the beans. If you didn’t gather the gist from the title, allow me to reiterate: I’m writing an arcade book, dudes and dudettes.

Tentatively titled The Magic of Arcades, this particular piece of writing is my attempt at expressing why we arcade gamers enjoy our medium of choice so dang much, despite the availability of arguably more convenient gaming options in the year 2020. Consider my book one big love letter to coin-op.

The structure of the book is fairly simple. Divided into three sections—Nostalgia, Games, and Community—I first break down my past experiences with arcades before interviewing others on the same subjects.

Nothing I’m writing is groundbreaking investigative journalism or anything like that. My primary goal is simply to share our form of fun with the world in a lighthearted yet engaging format.

So far, I’ve talked with a hefty handful of friendly folks, including Philip Golobish, Shane Gutbrod, Dave Furrer, Nick Lombardo, Gerard Buchko, Jdevy, Toby na Nakhorn, and Reyan Ali, with plenty more to come. I can’t begin to express how much I’ve loved documenting their stories.

Presentation-wise, I plan to include various homages to arcade history and some truly juicy bonus features to spruce up the overall package. Given how much I appreciate content and presentation in the third-party media I consume, it would be downright hypocritical of me to slip up in this regard.

All things considered, I’d say the book is progressing very nicely and may even be finished by the end of the calendar year. I can’t guarantee anything—after all, my free time tends to take a nosedive during the school year—but I can provide this rough projection for now.

I plan to self-publish The Magic of Arcades through Amazon print-on-demand and Kindle. While physical copies are my personal preference, I know all too well that patrons deserve options, hence why digital is equally crucial. I may even add some book-themed merchandise to my Teepublic page to tie in with the release.

Until The Magic of Arcades nears something resembling a finished state, this is all I can share for now. Even so, I hope you’re excited for the first ever Wilcox Arcade book release—because I sure am.

Make sure to send any thoughts, suggestions, or questions my way via Twitter or Discord. Never, ever forget that y’all are the grandest group of sweaty nerds I’ve ever had the pleasure of serving.

Bye now!


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