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You Should Totally Check Out MSU2Nite

Hi, I’m Dustin Wilcox.

You may know me from Wilcox Arcade, the gaming blog I’ve all but neglected since January 2021. (To be fair, I publish new articles regularly but forget to promote them on social media, so it only looks like I’m doing nothing.) Please allow to me to provide an excuse for my aforementioned negligence:

I’m ridiculously busy.

“All right, Dustin,” you’re probably thinking. “We all know you’re a workaholic. Could you try to be more specific?”

To which I’d say, “Sure thing,” and explain accordingly.

I’m currently engrossed in my most exciting semester of college to date. I presented my burgeoning research project at a national conference, I hold public figures accountable in an investigative journalism fellowship, and—most enjoyable of all—I produce a live show with my friends each week for a local television station.

This show, as you may have already surmised based on the promo above, is MSU2Nite. I suppose the most apt way to classify it would be “variety,” if only because we do just about anything and everything we can get away with.

Only six episodes in, we’ve already killed off a main character, berated a veterinary technician major, documented the plight of shelter animals, and offered drugs to the vice president of the Baptist Campus Ministry, with plenty more already under way for our big April Fools’ special.

I produce each odd-numbered episode alongside Cade Utterback and Nick Kendall. Sam Stewart, Issac Ash, and Joe Harris produce each even-numbered episode. The class is structured this way to ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas without getting completely burned out.

While we’re far from the first class to run this show, we’ve had a blast trying to shatter the framework laid before us and subvert viewers’ expectations as much as humanly possible. This may very well be our only chance to ever work on a TV show. All we can do is have fun with it while we can, ya know?

Below are links to the six episodes we’ve produced so far, along with accompanying summaries to wet your proverbial whistle before you watch.

Episode 1

In this pulse-pounding premiere, Cade covers a robbery at the Tres Habaneros; Nick highlights Black History Month; I interview my roommate; and Cade toasts singles on Valentine’s Day.

Episode 2

In the salacious second episode, Sam interviews Carter Schmidt, who proceeds to play his saxophone. After that, Sam, Nick, and Carter play a game of “Name That Tune.”

Episode 3

In the thunderous third episode, Cade asks shelter animals the hard questions, I make bad foot puns for an uncomfortably long period of time, and Nick portrays the second Black president.

Episode 4

In the fabulous fourth episode, Sam receives an anal swab; I battle and addiction to eating mayonnaise; and Sam and Nick illuminate crackpot conspiracy theories.

Episode 5

In the facinorous fifth episode, Cade, Nick, and I put on a sitcom; Cade offers Caleb Gaunce a hearty selection of hard drugs; and Nick and I talk Saint Patrick’s Day and death.

Episode 6

In the sanctimonious sixth episode, Nick awaits birthday guests who never arrive; Sam and Garrett Reed review Zach Snyder’s Justice League; and Joe and Nick analyze March Madness.

I don’t expect you to watch every single episode—or even just one—but I’d certainly appreciate the support. As much as I adore arcade games, I’ve been a fan of television for much, much longer. I’m quite literally living out one of the biggest dreams right now. (This is something I’d like to discuss publicly at greater length in the future.)

Even if the six of us never break into the television industry, I’m immensely thank for and proud of what I’ve accomplished with Cade Utterback, Nick Kendall, Sam Stewart, Issac Ash, and Joe Harris. We wholeheartedly hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Stay tuned for actual Wilcox Arcade stuff next week.



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