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Sega Amusements Announces Mission: Impossible Arcade for IAAPA 2019

If you were worried that the recently more redemption-leaning Sega Amusements wouldn’t bring any surprise video games to IAAPA…boy, do I have a story for you.

This morning, Sega announced via press release that it will debut Mission: Impossible Arcade at IAAPA 2019, marking the first time, to my knowledge, the iconic spy franchise will have graced the coin-op market.

Misson: Impossible Arcade is a four-player, mounted-gun rail shooter in which players assume the roles of IMF trainees and complete missions to “sabotage enemy plans that aim to weaponize humanoid robots.”

The game contains 9 total stages divided into 3 missions. According to Sega, “Players will have to stealthily descend great heights, hack systems, eliminate opponents, track enemy targets, blast down doors, shoot and chase enemies” throughout.

Players compete for victory against each other in one- or two-person teams, adding a competitive layer to the experience. Users will play against computer-controlled opponents if no other human players are present.

Each player will command “brand new” dual pistols, which are apparently “the next stage in game controller technology.” The pistols will implement “cutting edge” accelerometer technology to increase “controller reliability” by reducing movement parts.

Sega states that these new controllers will offer a greater range of motion, smoother movement, sharp accuracy, and an ergonomic design, as well as decorative lightning.

“This new hardware synergizes perfectly with game software allow us to create fun new elements to the way players eliminate enemies,” said Sega R&D Game Producer Shinichi Ogasawara. “Using a single triggers fires a high accuracy shot while holding down both triggers allows for dual wield burst damage.”

The cabinet looks to be a massive enclosure split into red and blue theming for each team. If you ask me, it looks like Sega’s answer to Halo: Fireteam Raven, so let’s hope there’s a smaller version on the way.

While I’ll have to see screenshots and/or footage to get a better feel for what Mission: Impossible Arcade is all about, I’m already pretty excited. Here’s hoping that, like House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, it’s another standout Sega shooter.

Mission: Impossible Arcade will be on display at Sega booth 1506 at IAAPA from November 18 to 21. For those of you lucky enough to go, I’d love to hear to hear your thoughts on this title.


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