Andamiro Announces “New” SpongeBob Whacker Game That’s Literally Just Their 2017 SpongeBob Whacker Game

January 11, 2020

Arcade game manufacturer Andamiro recently announced their latest SpongeBob-themed whacker game—and it’s actually just their 2017 whacker game.


The “new” whacker, Krabby Patty Park, appears identical to previous whacker, Order Up, in literally all but name.



Now, I’m not saying Andamiro would have the gall to repackage a 3-year-old game and sell it back to you like it’s some kind of cutting edge product. What I’m really saying is that Andamiro has the gall to repackage a 3-year-old game and sell it back to you like it’s some kind of cutting edge product.


Granted, in the press release, Andamiro bills Krabby Patty Park as the successor to Order Up. But typically, when I think of successive iterations, I expect there to be…some sort of, you know, change.


On the bright side, Krabby Patty Park, is available in one-, two-, and—if you’re looking to splurge—four-player configurations. What is that, four times the fun? Outstanding.



Thank goodness Andamiro is “committed to continuing support for the classic mallet category,” as Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco puts it in the press release, or we wouldn’t be privy to such unique concepts as this.


Arcade operators: Krabby Patty Party is now available for purchase through your local distributor. Or, for roughly the same experience, you can order the new marquee from parts and jerry-rig it to the Order Up you already own.


Here’s hoping Krabby Patty Park lands in arcades soon so that those eager players among us may experience the tried-and-true, mallet-based gameplay all over again.

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