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Aka & Blue Worldwide Orders Shipping This Week; Rochester Games & Arcade Now Open for Busine

Hello, good arcade gaming boys and girls of the internet, and welcome to my latest hodgepodge of headlines. Today, I have some excellent new to share regarding Exa-Arcadia launch title Aka & Blue and Rochester, Minnesota’s latest gaming destination. Shall we dive in?


Aka & Blue: Type-R is rolling out to arcades outside of Japan.

As we ride on the rollercoaster that is Exa-Arcadia’s eventual full release, we finally have more tangible information to keep our momentum going: Aka & Blue preorders are now shipping to buyers worldwide.

The news of Aka & Blue’s immediate release came first from a user of the Arcade Otaku forums who said they had received notification via email that their order was “being processed.”

Arcade Heroes confirmed this upon further investigation. Said Exa-Arcadia CEO Eric Chung, “Aka & Blue is beginning to ship this week. Customers are receiving an upgraded version that’s not out yet in Japan, which includes some bug fixes and game improvements.”

Whereas Japanese arcades have had Aka & Blue since November, this will be the first real taste of Exa-Arcadia for us overseas gamers. I, for one, am positively salivating at the mere thought of it.

All we’re waiting on now is the shipment of the remaining launch titles: The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ, Infinos EXA, Akyrios EXA, Super Hydorah AC, and Strania EX.


Rochester Games & Arcade held its grand opening in mid-December.

Rochester, Minnesota-based Rochester Games & Arcade opened its doors to the press Thursday, December 19, followed by its full public opening on Friday, December 20.

Rochester Games & Arcade is a family entertainment center featuring “over 60 classic and modern arcade games and pinball machines,” as well as ice cream and axe throwing. The venue will also be available for birthdays, corporate gatherings, and other events.

Their goal, said owner Jason Schiffer, is to “bring families and people of all ages together to relive their childhood,” hoping to recreate the “lost magic” of an ‘80s arcade.

All arcade games are set to freeplay with a daily admission charge of $10 per person on weekdays and $12 per person on Saturday—in my eyes, super reasonable prices.

While normally I wouldn’t bat an eye at the opening of another FEC, Rochester Games & Arcade actually looks quite good. I really enjoy the selection of arcade games and home console games depicted in photos on the store’s Facebook page. (Although to be honest, I couldn’t care less about axe throwing. Just not my thing.)

And guess what? As far as I can tell, there’s no ticket redemption whatsoever! Woohoo!

Sadly, I can’t vist Rochester Games & Arcade myself. Even so, I’m very pleased the local community is now privy to such an awesome out-of-home destination.


I gotta say: I'm supremely delighted by the worldwide release of Aka & Blue and the grand opening of Rochester Games & Arcade. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for even more hot ticket news in the coming weeks.


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