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Super Battle Princess Madelyn for Exa-Arcadia Looks Awesome

With every home-to-Exa port comes a host of exclusive additions intended to differentiate the original release from its coin-op counterpart. Some I like (bonus content, enhanced visuals, rearranged soundtracks, and adjusted difficulty); some I dislike (removing L.O.B.S.T.E.R. and Go-Go Trolley from Nippon Marathon).

“Now, Dustin,” you may say. “What does this have to do with Super Battle Princess Madelyn?” Lots, in fact, as the Exa version released to arcades November 24 with a bevy of altercations that are right up my figurative alley.

Though I’d like to think I gave it a fair shake, I can’t honestly say I fully enjoyed the original Battle Princess Madelyn when I played through part of the campaign on Nintendo Switch. I’ve never been terribly skilled at exploration, which makes up a good chunk of the core gameplay.

Obviously, my lack of exploratory skill says nothing about the quality of the game itself. Battle Princess Madelyn is a solid time through and through, from the soundtrack to the boss designs and everything in between. I guess I just couldn’t get into the swing of things.

Fortunately for me, Super Battle Princess Madelyn seems better suited not only to the arcade environment but also to my own personal tastes.

“Super Battle Princess Madelyn is a complete reimagining of the original transformed into an intense arcade action game which its creators originally envisioned,” says the official website. “Built from the ground up, KonoSuba character designer, Koichi Kikuta, delivers all new art and an all new soundtrack by Gryzor87 accompanies Madelyn on her true adventure to save her family & kingdom. Discover multitudes of weapons and powerup variations, multiple stage routes, new enemies and more in this unforgettable action packed title. Madelyn’s legend begins here! Includes reversible A1 poster, instruction sheet and instruction strip (Japanese and English).”

I can do action. I can do stages. If the latest Battle Princess Madelyn iteration is, for all intents and purposes, a brand-new game, I have every reason in the world to give it another shot when/if it hits a location near me. I’d also very much like to witness the reworked visuals and soundtrack for myself.

Assuming the folks at Exa cooperated directly with Monster Bath Games to reimagine the experience, I’ve no doubt that this “Super” upgrade will be every bit as faithful to the source material as it should while simultaneously leaning harder into its Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins inspirations.

Because I’m so adamant about seeing games to their respective ends, I’m sure I’ll still attempt to beat the console version at some point. It’s just nice having something else to anticipate, ya know?

What do you think about the changes made to Super Battle Princess Madelyn? Do you intend to play it when you get a chance? I’m especially curious to hear your thoughts today, kiddos, so hit me up on Twitter or Discord ASAP.

That’s all I got. See ya.



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