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General Update 04/24/2017

If you haven't noticed by the slowness of my social media pages, I've been very busy lately. School, being close to end of the end of the year, is starting to become much more demanding. And on top of that, it's becoming increasingly difficult to single-mindedly focus on arcade games. Like, my brain literally can't handle it anymore. So for these aforementioned reasons, posts may be a little thin until after I get out of school, and I may take an extended hiatus from social media in general. Luckily, school gets out on May 18th this year, which is ridiculously early.

Anyway, I suppose I should at least update you all on what's been happening lately. I unfortunately haven't gotten a job yet, but it's probably fine. It's occurred to me that I'd rather have a few more years of childhood ease and simplicity, as opposed to going into complete overdrive trying to start an arcade.

Also, Arcade and Retro Gaming Club has been a bit slow lately. It's still loads of fun playing video games every Monday after school, but attendance has dropped a bit. Eight people had become the norm, and that was a pretty good number in my opinion. However, we happened to miss two meetings. One week, the school called off all afterschool clubs due to some bogus tornado watch. The next week, we had Spring Break. So after those two interuptions, attendance was a bit low. The past two meetings have had four and five people. It's not that it's bad to have a small group. After all, it's still the highlight of my week to play video games after school! However, I know that Arcade and Retro Gaming Club is capable of bringing in more people, so I'm trying to revive those numbers. You know, it could just be because the end of the school year is quickly approaching, and people no longer want to stay after school. Eh, it's cool. Either way, I put up this new promotional flyer around the school just to try to bring a few more people in.

Oh, and here's a really cool update. On Saturday, we went to the State competition for Science Olympiad. In the hour between the last session and the awards ceremony, we went to the mall. Guess what they had in the mall?

A Chuck-E-Cheese's.

Though Chuck-E-Cheese's may not be the best actual arcade, it still was fun. The only video games they had were Deadstorm Pirates, Let's Go Jungle, Terminator Salvation, and that 2013 Cars game. There might have been one or two more, but the rest were exclusively redemption and videmption games. Anyway, since I forgot we were going to the mall, I only had a $5 bill. So, what was I going to spend those tokens on? Terminator Salvation, of course! They had the machine set to one token per credit, so I got to Mission 3 (the final mission) before running out of tokens. However, I'm pretty sure some kid stole some of my tokens. I was counting how much I had used in my head while playing, and I was only at $3.25. But then, I looked down and I only have three tokens left! Eh, it could have been me losing track—but I doubt it.

You might find this next part amusing: After using all of my tokens, I went to leave. At the velvet rope, the lady asked if I was 18. I said no, I was 16. And then, she said that SHE COULDN'T LET ME LEAVE. What? Dude, you let me in here alone! But anyway, once I explained that I was there by myself, she let me out.

Case in point, Chuck-E-Cheese's is not the best arcade-like environment out there these days. It's heavy on videmption, token thief is common, and they won't let you leave. However, I had a ton of fun playing Terminator again, so I'm not complaining. Well, I guess that's it. Have a nice day!


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