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Step Revolution Announces New StepManiaX Songs for June 2020

Step Revolution posted a YouTube video June 17 unveiling the slate of eight new songs coming to arcade dance game StepManiaX this month.

Here’s the lineup:

  • “A Sign (Factory Eurobeat Team Mix)” by Tipsy & Tipsy

  • “Esperanza” by KaW

  • “Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Mix)” by Tenth Planet

  • “Justify My Love” by Tess

  • “Move It Groove It” by KaW feat. Sam-I-Am

  • “Movin On” by Ellen Gee

  • “Pink Dinosaur” by Miss Papaya

  • “The Saint Goes Marching (Helix Remix 2020 Edit)” by The Saint

As always, these songs are freely available and will be automatically downloaded to all network-connected StepManiaX units.

“Hi, everyone, this is Tess coming to you from Stockholm, Sweden,” said the artist behind many StepManiaX songs. “You can all look forward to hearing my music in StepManiaX by Step Revolution.”

I must say that I quite enjoy the snippets of music I heard in the video. Step Revolution is clearly working to license the funkiest beats possible for their latest rhythm game offering.

The song that stuck out to me the most was “The Saint Goes Marching (Helix Remix 2020 Edit)”. Why, you may ask? Because it’s truly delightful to see one of my favorite songs from Dance Dance Revolution Extreme represented in StepManiaX.

I’ll also always appreciate Step Revolution’s dedication to providing a continuous stream of free content for players to enjoy. This is how you do a coin-operated music game right.

“Keep an announcement on our social media pages for future announcements and reveals,” said StepManiaX in the video.

And for more updates on all things arcade gaming, make sure to follow Wilcox Arcade on Twitter or join my Discord server.


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