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Nintendo Force Embodies Everything I Aspire to Be

Although most of my writing to date has been published online—whether that’s for Wilcox Arcade, Cultured Vultures, or WKMS—my heart will always lie in the age-old medium of print.

Call me nostalgic all you want, but there are few sensations I adore more than flipping through the pages of a magazine, hence why I subscribe to RePlay Magazine, Game Informer, and none other than Nintendo Force. (Side note: I intend to subscribe to Otaku USA Magazine in the not-too-distant future.)

For those not in the know, Nintendo Force began as Lucas Thomas’ answer to the cancelation of Nintendo Power a mere month after the latter magazine ceased publication. What makes this initiative particularly unique is that it’s been funded entirely through Patreon since 2016, a darn near unheard of business model for gaming news.

I personally see Nintendo Force as a shining star among its contemporaries. Each meaty edition comes packed to heckin’ brim with community mail, opinions, previews, reviews, interviews, comics, and even a double-sided poster. Coming in at just $4.99 per issue, Nintendo Force is also one of the better value propositions in print.

All these goodies are wrapped in gorgeous packaging and expressed through playful writing. The family-friendly fellas behind the magazine even go so far as to censor profanity contained within game titles, which meshes brilliantly with my prudish sensibilities.

What does all this have to with arcades, you ask? Well, quite simply, I’d like nothing more than to faithfully emulate Nintendo Force in my own coverage of coin-op.

I’ve always made a point to write and package Wilcox Arcade content in a manner I deemed appropriately “special.” My main inspirations have been television programming blocks such as Toonami, but recently, I’ve had something much more applicable off which I can base my little gaming news site.

Allow me to indulge myself in self-appraisal for but a paragraph. The way I see it, my reviews tend to skew lengthy and informative. My opinions range from enthusiastic to melodramatic. My news pieces are a blend of facts and fun. Since a personal blog is anything but a journalistic endeavor, I think I’ve been more than justified in taking this approach.

Nintendo Force is like what I do but infinitely more professional and polished. That’s why, in the coming months, my goal is to be a little more like them. I’ve already been subconsciously working this goal, so let’s hope my efforts shine through with time.

Beyond that, I really just wanted to write an article praising Nintendo Force. This isn’t a paid promotion or anything, but I highly recommend subscribing to them on Patreon. You can even purchase a digital subscription if you don’t hate trees as much as I do.

While I’ve got you here, I also strongly encourage you to follow Wilcox Arcade on Twitter or join my Discord server for more rambling nonsense like this. If you can believe it, I love playing video games almost—but not quite as much—as I like talking about video games.

Until next time, I’m out. See ya ‘round, ya sweaty flippin’ nerds.



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