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My Thoughts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year was an interesting one. I don’t know if anyone expected too much, but when you really sit back and analyze it, the event wasn’t too crazy at all. Sure, we saw a few game reveals, but most of those games had already been leaked. (Including Killer Queen Black, which I am very excited for.) In all actuality, Nintendo’s E3 centered on one thing: Smash.

When Smash was first teased for the Switch three months ago, I’m not sure what any of us expected. Coming at the end of a fairly tame Nintendo Direct, it first appeared to be another Splatoon reveal, but we were soon proven very, very wrong. When we saw the Smash Bros. emblem in the Inkling Girl’s eye, I’m sure every single one of us just about died. It was crazy, man—absolutely crazy.

So surely, given how hyped we all were, Nintendo wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to dive into more details at E3. It’s safe to say they took that opportunity to their advantage.

In what ended up being a huge, 25-minute chunk of their presentation, Nintendo cleared up so much of our confusion on what Smash for Switch would be. The number one question we all had on our minds was whether it would be a port of the Wii U/3DS version, and I think we all know now what this really is. Smash for Switch is now known as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it promises to overhaul the user interface, bring back every Smash character ever, introduce new characters and stages, update the graphics, and improve upon the fighting mechanics. Plus, we have a solid release date: December 7th, 2018. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is, in two words, quite interesting.

We know now that this isn’t a port of the Wii U. It will look different, play differently, and add plenty of new content. However, it also isn’t necessarily a huge sequel. Rather, Smash Bros. Ultimate appears to be more of a culmination of all things Smash—a celebration of the series’ history and a bold foray into the future. Like I said, every discarded character has returned, and we’ve still seen some new character, stage, and assist trophy reveals. Nintendo left the identity of Ultimate shrouded in mystery for a long time, but I think this worked in their favor.

Here are the discarded/DLC fighters returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:




Ice Climbers




Pokémon Trainer





Young Link

And here are the currently unveiled new characters being introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:




As you can see, long-lost fan-favorites have finally returned, even if many of them are clones. (Fun fact: Clones are now dubbed “echo characters”, which I find much too amusing for my own good.) Plus, we’ve got new characters that many people have been clamoring to see in Smash for years—particularly the Inklings and Ridley. (Also, where’s my Waluigi? It’d be flipping hilarious if they revealed him in the most spectacular way possible. Hey, it could happen!) So far, I haven’t seen too many people complaining about what to seems to be a “lack” of new content. And to be honest, I’m not too bothered either.

Like I said, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the culmination of all things Smash. It is, as the name so clearly states, the ultimate, definitive version of Smash. Every character is returning; new characters are joining the roster; and many features are being revamped and improved. I'm especially excited about all the alternate costumes some characters will have, which I always felt was a missed opportunity in the Smash games. There's also the fact that characters will be unlocked rapidly, which you may or may not enjoy. (I don't know how I feel about it.) There’s a lot we don’t know yet, such as if we’ll see an Adventure Mode, Subspace Emissary sequel, Smash Run, Trophy Rush, or any of those other great diversions, but we know the gameplay and content is solid at face value. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate looks really good.

Now, if I were completely honest with myself, I am a little disappointed to see only three new characters, one of which is a clone. I mean, I like all the returning characters, but…where are all the guys? Still, it all looks plenty solid. I’m happy. Besides, we’ve got a little under half a year of reveals ahead of us. As of late, Nintendo’s marketing style has been “Tell everyone everything that will be in the game prior to release even if it’s a little spoiler-y.” So if there are any more characters coming, we’ll know soon enough.

And don’t get me wrong: Smash Ultimate is not devoid of content. We’re going to see plenty of new stages (including some based off of Splatoon and Breath of the Wild), new assist trophies (such as Bomberman), and, as we’re all plenty aware, the return of oodles of lost characters. We’ll survive; I know we will.

Of course, the game was only just revealed two days ago. We’ve got plenty of time ahead of us.

Until then, keep it real. I’m out, kiddos. If you’d like even more Smash Ultimate goodness, check out these Nintendo Treehouse gameplay videos, plus the new theme song. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!

Bye now. Leave.


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