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exA's New Website Design Looks Slick

At this point, it needn’t be reiterated: exA-Arcadia is a big deal. However, one bit that’s always been somewhat lacking is their website. The original site was just than a preorder page for Strania, and after that, it was a few simple pages listing the 10 launch titles for the system and development partners. However, exA recently updated their page to reflect new announcements and refine the aesthetics, and it looks absolutely stunning. Take a gander.

As you can see, the site features seven tabs: Games, Partners, Where to Buy, Press, About Us, Contact, and language selection. The Games page has been enhanced in spades, now showcasing all 20 currently revealed titles. Clicking on games will load their respective information page, with a brief description, specifications, credits, and screenshots. I love how each game has unique exA artwork, too. (The art, I assume, will be the marquee upon release.) Compared to the original Games page, this is better in every way.

The Partners page is similar to the Games page, and I totally dig the look. However, the actual text still isn’t quite there, as clicking on one of the developer images will take you an unfinished “About” page. I love what they’ve done appearance-wise, but I hope this content issue is resolved at some point. I'm sure they're working it on it, though.

The Where to Buy page is brief but alleviates some of our worries. Operators and players alike keep asking, “Where can I get exA?” The company’s answer is short and sweet: “Kyowa Corporation and Safari Games are distributors for Japan only. They only deal with operators and cannot ship outside of Japan. Please do not contact them for overseas sales. For buyers outside of Japan, announcements are coming soon for distribution in your region.” I do find it amusing that they asked us not to contact them from across the proverbial pond. That’s how you know there’s lots of interest, heh-heh.

The Press page is cool, because it sort of documents the exA saga and the massive flood of hype leading up to its release. Am I disappointed that none of my articles were featured on this page, despite my unwavering praise of the platform? Yes, I am. But hey, I ain’t here to complain.

I like the About page, as well, but I think it’s a bit lacking. It reads: “exA-Arcadia is bringing video games back to the arcade! Partnering with developers globally, our mission is to revitalize the arcade industry.” A great message, for sure, but admittedly a tad short. Like I said earlier, it's probably just a work-in-progress.

The final page is, of course, Contact. If you wanna contact exA, you can. Speaking from experience, Eric Chung will get back with you.

And that’s about it. Since I just can’t wait for exA to save the gosh danged day, I figured I’d drop a few more good words for them in the meantime. The new website, with its red, black, and white color scheme, is slick as all get out, and I can’t wait to watch it grow as more details are revealed. Was this kind of a non-article? Heck yes, but that’s okay. I’m just a little gamer boy eagerly anticipating the future. Besides, it’s a cool website!

Until next time, I’m out. See y’all around.


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