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Check Out BitGeek’s Interview With Arcadeaholics

Though I still haven’t gotten to play it, I’ve considered Cosmotrons one of the most intriguing indie arcade games on the scene since its unveiling back in 2017. Added to the fact that I love listening to game designer interviews and panels, it was nice to see an interview with Arcadeaholics partners Shane Gutbrod and Dave Furrer on Episode 55 of the BitGeek Podcast.

Following the 2019 Louisville Arcade Expo—which I feel kinda silly for missing out on—show hosts Ron Avis and Nick Wright dig in to the deets on the vector graphics-inspired, multiplayer shooter and the team behind it. Topics include the company’s origin story, creative inspirations, development details, and much more. It’s certainly, if a bit long, so I’d recommend at least listening to whatever bullet points interest you the most.

It’s always fun for me to hear some more from two very creative game dev guys, even if I was listening “second-hand” so to speak. The podcast certainly doesn’t get as off-the-wall as a Eugene Jarvis panel, but it’s still great fun. (By the way, listen to every Eugene Jarvis panel you possibly can. You will not regret it.) Plus, Ron Avis’s hint of southern draw is so satisfyingly close-to-home and...Kentucky. I will admit, though, that I wish co-host Nick chimed in some more.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable podcast featuring some cool fellas and led by two geeky chaps. And honestly, I do think it’s of interest to arcade gaming fans. To be quite frank, I had no idea BitGeek existed until Shane sent me a link to this video, so I’m glad I found some other Kentucky-based nerds. Maybe I’ll have to drop by their channel again sometime in the future. (However, being the busy guy I am, I shouldn’t guarantee anything in writing, heh-heh.)

But that’s all I’ve got for now. My excuses for the lack of posts are, once again, school work and running a coin-op side-business. Still, I’ll try my best to keep updating this blog somewhat regularly. Don’t give up on me just yet, kiddos!

Until next time, I’m out. Have a good one.


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