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Dance Rush Stardom Spotted at Dave & Buster’s San Diego

Some very…interesting news popped up this week.

Since we first caught word back in early 2018, Dance Rush Stardom has captured the hearts and minds of rhythm/dance gamers everywhere. It’s especially telling that my first article on the game—reporting a then-exclusive Round1 release and pleading for full Western distribution—is still my most viewed.

For a while, it seemed like we’d never find Dance Rush outside of Japan and Round1. But if this recently posted image is any indication…well, we may be in for a treat. (From Twitter user @StevesUsername.)

That’s right: There’s a Dance Rush Stardom cabinet at the Dave & Buster’s in San Diego, California. Given that there had been no prior word of a wider release—especially not at a venue as prominent as D&B—it came as a wild surprise. I sure as heck ain’t complaining.

Naturally, with anything like this, details are currently quite scarce. However, I’ll be watching this development and will post here if anything happens.

Even in the face of mystery, I’m still super pumped for what this could mean. If Dave & Buster’s were to pick up Dance Rush—even in semi-limited numbers like with DDR Ace—I’d lose my flippin’ mind. Playing DR at Round1 in Louisville, Kentucky was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Imagine if it were even closer to my house!

And I'm certain most others in the music game community feel the same. This is a good step in the right direction. With Dave & Buster’s supporting more dance games, we have more opportunities to interact with otherwise untouchable machines.

The only way I see this development going south is if Dance Rush doesn’t attract much player attention (A.K.A. earnings), assuming this San Diego debut is, in fact, a location test. With the way the community has been blasting this news, though, I don’t believe that will be a problem.

Do you think Dance Rush will show up at additional D&B locations in the future? Have you gotten to play it at the San Diego location? Tell me what you think in the comments. I’m curious to know.

Oh, and before you go: I recently started an official Wilcox Arcade Discord server. If you like discussing arcade gaming, it’s the place for you. Join at this underlined link. (And if the link is expired, reach out to me on Twitter for a new one.)

See ya ‘round, ya sweaty nerds.


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