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Retro Raccoons Updates

I’ve been following Glitchbit’s Retro Raccoons (previously known as Tipsy Raccoons) for a long time now. Since the beginning, I’ve been intrigued by the prospect of “The World’s First Drinkcade” and what it can bring to the woefully underserved world of multiplayer arcade party gaming.

Now, while the exact release date is still uncertain and final details are still being hammered out, I do have some minor updates I can share.

First off, Retro Raccoons now has its own official promotional flyer (courtesy of Glitchbit).

There's not much we haven’t heard before, but I’ve compiled the key information for those of you just tuning in.

  • Four-player minigame compilation

  • Featuring “over 25” minigames (with more on the way)

  • Offering one button, one joystick gameplay

  • Operating in drink or cash modes

  • Boasting 40-inch 1080p display

  • Measuring H 72” x W 38” x D 27”

I also received from Glitchbit an image of the final production cabinet, which was recently exhibited at GDEX in Columbus, Ohio and Betson’s Northwest Showcase in Vancouver, Washington.

The Retro Raccoons final build definitely channels the spirit of its Tipsy Raccoons predecessor, and I think it looks pretty great. The cabinet is especially space-conscious compared to other four-player machines on the market.

All we can do now is wait for additional details to be revealed. On the bright side, I’ve been told by my contact at the company that “great news” should be coming “in the next month or so.” While this is no definite guarantee, I have a feeling we’ll be pleasantly surpised soon enough.

For more information on Retro Raccoons straight from the source, visit Glitchbit's website, email, message @retroraccoons on Twitter, or call (330) 752-2789.

At risk of publishing an itty-bitty article, it’s time I sign off. Have a great day, everybody.


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