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Updates Abound in Galactic Battleground

Indie arcade title Galactic Battleground is set to undergo major changes rolling into 2020, receiving two new game modes and a new cabinet variant.

The first new mode, Warzone, is a competitive mode featuring “multi-objective victory” as a “twist” on the original Versus mode, according to a post on official Galactic Battleground social media pages.

The three victory paths in Warzone include collecting enough “red orbs” (working title) from Nebula Clouds to fill your team’s meter, pushing the “White Dwarf” until it crosses enemy lines, or eliminating your opponents’ lives.

This three-way victory system hearkens heavily to Killer Queen—and that is, by no means, a bad thing. If anything, the implementation of the Warzone mode shows that developer Slackerz Inc. is serious about supporting Galactic Battleground’s competitive community.

For a better look at Warzone, see the full gameplay footage at this link.

The second new mode, Endless Survival Runner, is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. You “survive an infinite race through space” solo or competitively with friends.

While an endless mode may not be anything crazy groundbreaking, diversions like this are never bad a thing. The more content and variety of play the better, as I always say. I already have a strong feeling hardcore GBG heads will squeeze some sick high scores out of Endless Survival Runner.

Making this news that much more exciting is the announcement of—that’s right—a third cabinet option. According to the aforementioned social media post, the upcoming model will be in a larger format “with more space to set your beverages.”

All we have for speculation fodder at present is a single photo of the cabinet build in process, and I’m putting my money on a four-player cocktail. Why? Just ‘cause.

As much as I’d love more information right here and now, I’m plenty excited for these developments as they stand. Check back here for more information…like, if you want.

And tip your waitresses.


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