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Three Flip Studios Releases Armed and Gelatinous Arcade Reveal Trailer

Indie developer Three Flip studios recently released an “arcade reveal trailer” for their upcoming/already released blob warfare title Armed and Gelatinous—and yes, it’s precisely as ‘80s-themed as we could have possibly hoped.

(Although this news is now two weeks old, I wanted to write about it nonetheless. I’ve been pretty swamped with school and non-Wilcox Arcade work lately.)

In this corny romp of an advertisement, we’re treated to a brief look at the Armed and Gelatinous arcade cabinet—in all its four-player glory—through the eyes of two young arcade rats. (Talk about certified sweaty nerds.)

The announcer beckons players to load up on firepower, blast their opponents, and “gas” their way to victory in a timbre that could only be described as…erm, resonant.

We’re also privy to a run-down of the three primary game modes, including:

  • Blob Battle, an all-out brawl with explosive weaponry;

  • Blob Blitz, a goopy appropriation of American football;

  • And Blob Soccer, which is literally exactly what the title would lead you to believe.

The trailer is honestly quite the production, something made especially evident by all the behind-the-scenes action the team has since shared on Twitter. While nostalgia and cheese usually get me somewhat squeamish, I think Three Flip Studios did a phenomenal job making it work.

Let’s be honest: Who couldn’t relate when the shorter kid fished around in the coin return chutes for free quarters? Score, dude.

The arcade version of Armed and Gelatinous is now available at Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles, California; Quarters Arcade Bar in Salt Lake City, Utah; Starport Arcade & Pub in Morgantown, West Virgina; and Glitch Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If you’ve been geographically fortunate enough to try the game for yourself, share your thoughts with me on Twitter or Discord. And don’t forget that Armed and Gelatinous will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux in Q3 2020.

Keep it real, ya sweaty nerds.


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