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Onion Soup Divulges UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel Details

In February, indie developer Onion Soup Interactive officially unveiled UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel, their next release following breakout hit Nippon Marathon. Fortunately for us, the team now has additional details to share.

According to a recent post on the Onion Soup blog, players will take control of the titular UEDI—the new identity of Nippon Marathon host Wedy Jones—and explore an enigmatic world to find her “estranged friend” and uncover the “perfect story.”

UEDI must join the rebellion and don her “multipurpose NanoSuit” to take down the oppressive dictator Hazuki—ruler of Hazuki’s World and the same Hazuki, one might assume, present in Nippon Marathon.

Players will be able to explore approximately 15 miles² (39 km²) of “hand-crafted, anime-styled, open-world” terrain in which they’ll loot rations, craft supplies, fight mech, and repair vehicles while uncovering the “fractured history” of Hazuki’s World.

Throughout this adventure, players will plunder abandoned structures, fend off rogue mechanical hordes, enter labyrinthine facilities, solve puzzles, and conquer bosses as they experience UEDI’s “emotional quest” fully realized through motion-captured animation.

Voice acting is also planned to be included in the final product. “For the full release,” said Director/Community Manager Amy Madin in the Onion Soup Discord server. “It’s unlikely the early access will have any voice acting.”

The game will boast numerous abilities, suits, and weapons players can utilize in real-time combat with enemies that “react tactically” to actions. On top of that, players can unlock a wide variety of appearance customization options to “look good while kicking mechanical [expletive].”

Onion Soup Interactive aims to release UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel on Steam Early Access, Q1 2021 and is projected to launch on consoles at a yet unspecified date. For now, interested players can wishlist the game on Steam.

“We're really excited to share our development with you,” said the team in the post. “In a series of blogs throughout development, we will be giving insider details regarding all aspects of development, from music composition to UEDI's personality.”

Upcoming topics include UEDI’s formal introduction, an introduction of the main characters, an explanation of the NanoSuit, why the team chose to go through Steam Early Access, an overview of the soundtrack and voiceover, how the team used motion capture, and how the Discord community can contribute to development, among other topics.

If you want my honest opinion, I’m already pretty dang excited for Shadow of the Citadel—and not just because I’m a member of the Discord server. (Is that a conflict of interest? Oops.) There’s something about the game that seems very special to me from what I’ve seen in action so far.

That being said, there’s still plenty more for us to learn, and I plan to share as much of it as I can with you all here on my blog. To stay updated on all things Wilcox Arcade, make sure to follow me on Twitter or join my Discord server.

Keep it real, ya sweaty nerds. I’m out.


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