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Exa-Arcadia Announces NOISZ ARC⌖CODA

Exa-Arcadia announced Thursday that the latest installment of Anarch Entertainment’s “unprecedented rhythm and shooting game fusion,” NOISZ, is coming exclusively to the platform as NOISZARC⌖CODA.

“In partnership with @exaarcadia, NOISZ is reborn for arcades as NOISZ ARC⌖CODA!” said Anarch Entertainment via Twitter.

NOISZ is a unique experience that borrows elements from rhythm games, danmaku shooters, and visual novels—tasking players with combatting a wide variety of challenging bosses by performing actions “to the beat” as they progress through the “anime-inspired” narrative.

“With each level intricately scripted to the music, battles in NOISZ are a synesthetic experience unlike any other, merging the intensity of classic bullet hell shooter gameplay with an immersive rhythm mechanic that pulls you into every song!” said Exa-Arcadia in the announcement.

ARC⌖CODA will boast all content from the original NOIZ and DLC pack NOISZ re:||VERSE in addition to “exclusive, blisteringly challenging” new stages and songs, enhanced by “revamped, speedier gameplay aimed at delighting arcade players and operators alike.”

This means players will be treated to 6 new stages, including a “superboss battle with the lost NOISZ Beast Genbu.” Paired with the 28 existing stages, ARC⌖CODA is already shaping up to be a beefy product.

“For the first time in nearly 20 years,” said Exa-Arcadia, “operators can now put a new music game on location without the large overhead cost of a dedicated cabinet, extra subscription fees and forced revenue share.”

Anarch Entertainment is a New York City-based development studio founded by “key members” of Team Infinity after the development of Pump It Up Infinity. The team has experience working on music games for arcade, PC, and mobile platforms, having previously worked with Andamiro, Unit-e Technologies, and lowiro. At this time, the company is also developing mobile spinoff NOISZ STΔRLIVHT.

As a rhythm gaming and shmup fan myself, this may as well be a dream come true. Though I haven’t played NOISZ myself, I’m super intrigued by what it has to offer, and I certainly wouldn’t mind trying it out on my MacBook when I get the chance.

Exa-Arcadia has advised us to “Look forward to more information in the coming months regarding game modes, songs and location tests.” In the meantime, you can continue the discussion by reaching out to me on Twitter or by joining my Discord server.


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