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Incredible Technologies Announces Golden Tee GO

It’s hard to deny that Incredible Technologies, as great of a developer as they are, is primarily known for one thing and one thing only: Golden Tee Golf.

In a continuation of this trend, the company recently announced Golden Tee GO, the latest product to be spun off from the 31-year-old series.

“This began as a brainstorm,” said an Incredible Technologies representative in a May 16 social media post. “Actually, the whole concept emerged in someone’s dream (true story). And as we talked through the logistics of creating a portable Golden Tee cabinet, going back a few years now, the idea actually began to take shape.”

While information has been` sparse so far, the teaser image released May 14 depicts the aforementioned tabletop home unit in its current state. The game machine features the inputs and theming of the arcade version’s control panel and what appears to be a small display.

“This is Golden Tee Go,” the post continues. “It is a real product, although we’re going to be releasing an extremely limited run of these—at least at first. We’ll soon have details on cost/features/portability, but the game inside of this portable cabinet is the Golden Tee you know and love. The mechanics. The course. Even the dimensions of the control panel are extremely similar.”

A second image accompanying the written post showcases the unit in greater detail. It appears as if the portable device also has handles (for ease of transport, I’d imagine) and various inputs/outputs (perhaps to hook the machine to a television).

“If we’re being honest, we’re not exactly sure what we have. But we do know that this captures and delivers Golden Tee in a completely new and exciting way. Many more details to come, including where you can purchase one if you so desire.”

For me personally, it’s hard not to liken Golden Tee GO to the Jakks-Pacific plug-and-play TV game released in 2011. However, if early details are to be believed, the upcoming machine will achieve greater parity with the arcade release.

At this time, all we can do is speculate. I can at least that I’m excited to see what Incredible Technologies has in store.

Maybe—just maybe—dedicated devices like Golden Tee GO are the future of home-to-arcade conversions.


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