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2020 Big Buck World Championship Postponed; Big Buck Regional Series Announced

The 13thannual Big Buck World Championship has been postponed due to concerns over COVID-19, according to a recent press release from Raw Thrills.

“The 13th annual Big Buck Championship was set to become the most epic event in Big Buck Hunter’s 20-year history,” reads the release. “A monumental two-day tournament featuring 128 of the most talented hunters from around the world competing for a piece of a $100,000 price pool.”

The tournament will now be dubbed the “14thannual Big Buck World Championship” and will take place on October 1 October 2, 2021 at Joe’s Live in Rosemont, Illinois.

According to previous information listed on the official Big Buck HD website, day one will kick off with the double-elimination, bracketed, head-to-head tournament. Day two will kick off with the “Reload” bracket and the “final showdown” to determine “a new Big Buck legend.”

“The health, safety, and comfort of our Big Buck Hunter community will always come first,” the release continues. “Therefore, due to the unfortunate reality of COVID-19 and social distancing, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Big Buck World Championship.”

Online qualifiersbegan November 1, 2019 and will now continue to run until September 7, 2021, with players being able to participate from any internet-connected unit. All current qualifiers scores will remain valid.

“To keep the spirit of competition alive in the meantime, we have announced the Big Buck Regional Series,” says the release.

A series of “pro” and “casual” Big Buck Hunter tournaments will take place across eight different regions: Northeast U.S., Southeast U.S., Central U.S., South U.S., Southwest Canada, and Australia.

The ongoing series will continue throughout the fall and winter of 2020 with a $5,000 prize pool “up for grabs” at each event. Specific dates and locations for the Big Buck Regional Series will be announced soon.

Interested parties can learn more about the Regional Series by visiting the official website or by sending inquiries to

I, for one, am glad that Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills are still celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Big Buck franchise in whatever way they can. While I’d never in a million years be competitive enough to participate in something like this, I recognize the importance of keeping the community engaged.

To talk more arcade games, hit me up on Twitter or join my Discord server. I’m out.


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