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Jersey Jack Teases Upcoming Project; Stern Offers Jurassic Park Topper

It’s been quite a while since I last ran an article with multiple headlines. Today, I guess, seemed like as good of a day as any to conjoin two pinball developments in one brief post. Who’s ready for some news? Don’t care. Read it now.


Jersey Jack teases an upcoming project on social media.

Perhaps to hijack the excitement over Stern’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles announcement, Jersey Jack Pinball recently a video message on social media May 27 teasing…well, something.

“You asked for innovation,” the video said. “We answered. Everything is about to change!”

The video then cut through images of the company’s four previous releases before ending on a question mark, possibly signaling that this announcement beckons a new game.

The teaser is just about as vague as you could possibly get without being straight-up meaningless. That being said, I’m crazy excited for whatever the heck is in store. Jersey Jack hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Based on the comments section, it’s safe to say that other fans are equally as geared up for what’s coming next: “Can’t wait to see”; “My BET is JJP is going ONLINE!!!”

I offer my sincerest adoration to the absolute criminal mastermind that dropped the Pinball 2000 logo in the Twitter comments.


Stern is selling a much-derided Jurassic Park topper.

Stern’s listing for a $600 Jurassic Park pinball topper hasn’t been met with the warmest enthusiasm from players.

According to Stern’s website, the topper interacts with the game by “capturing dinosaurs to light a letter in Jurassic Park,” with letter progress carrying over from game to game. Players can spell Jurassic Park for a special mode.

That’s right, folks: This topper or more or less exorbitant, exploitative DLC that should’ve been included in the base package. The topper doesn’t even look good enough, in my eyes, to justify the stupid cost.

“There’s no better way to top off your game!” the listing asserts Funnily enough, Tilt Topper released an arguably more attractive third-party topper compatible with both Stern’s machine and the earlier Data East model at a lower price 9 months ago. (This topper is no longer available for purchase.)

“We've hit a new low,” said a Pinside forum user. “Not only does it look cheap BUT they are advertising a special mode ONLY achieved through the purchase of this topper. Apparently it's tied to the topper itself.”

I’m not saying Stern is a bad company—because goodness knows they do very positive things—but their business practices occasionally reek of yuck.


I hope you enjoyed today’s pinball news update. The pinball community is one of the most vibrant sectors of the arcade scene, so I’m honored to cater to them whenever I can. Now, how about Stern drops that topper price?


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