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Arcade Game Manufacturers Demonstrate Solidarity With the Black Community on Social Media

In light of recent national events, more and more brands, including arcade game manufacturers, have used social media as a platform to speak against racial injustices.

Bandai Namco Amusement, for instance, posted an image on social media on June 5 as part of this movement.

“The ideals of inclusion, diversity, and fairness are core to Bandai Namco Amuement America,” said the post. “We stand in solidarity with our Black employees, our Black players, and the Black community.”

BumbleBear Games shared similar sentiments through their Killer Queen Arcade and Black Emperor social accounts on June 1.

“Black Lives Matter,” the post began. “BumbleBear was built on the idea of building community. Many members of our community are deeply impacted by recent events. For this reason, it must be said that we stand in opposition of civil injustice.

“The events that have unfolded over the weekend, which are a direct result of the injustice that has been ongoing for too long, have shaken our community, our nation, and the world. We stand in solidarity with those who speak for thos who cannot as we look to our communities to bind together and grieve.

“We will not tell anyone how to grieve, only ask that you stay safe. We’re all in this together,” the post concluded.

Stern Pinball demonstrated a strong commitment to fight racial injustice, starting with the company culture, according to a June 8 message from Stern President Gary Stern.

“A week ago, Stern Pinball paused its social media activity to allow other voices to be heard. Ensuring I addressed the Stern Pinball family with the deepest thought when there is such great pain, I have used this time to try to find the right words. While Stern Pinball has shied away from using our voice in politics, we recognize that this is not a political issue but a moral one,” Stern said.

“We stand against racism and injustice. Hate and inequality have no place in our society. For change to come, we must all be part of the solution. Personally, like many others, I have made donations, but giving money is not enough. I am joining the long-term conversation toward progress and will not remain silent. I will endeavor to learn more about the lives of others and as a leader share my learnings. We will work toward a more just tomorrow by educating ourselves, promoting positive change and supporting the Black community. We are listening and committed to doing better.

“Black Lives Matter,” Stern resolved.

While it’s definitely not typically for arcade brands to speak on national issues, now is probably the best time for them do so. Racial inequality is a pressing concern.

For what it’s worth, Wilcox Arcade does not tolerate racism or bigotry of any kind—and that’s the cold, hard truth.


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