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LAI Games Launches ‘The Player’s Voice: Arcade Survey’

LAI Games launched “The Player’s Voice: Arcade Survey” on June 24 in an effort to hear thoughts directly from players following COVID-19 arcade closures.

“Arcade gamers, it's time to make your voices heard!” said LAI in their announcement tweet. “Take the survey, then share to your friends and family.”

This survey serves as a follow-up to LAI’s “State of the Industry Report”, an operator survey sent out earlier this June. The company’s goal is to identify players’ concerns with public gaming in the wake of a pandemic so that operators can address these concerns and bring players back into arcade venues.

The questions are, in my opinion, quite comprehensive, covering the types of venues players visit, how frequently they visit, their concerns over revisiting arcades, incentives that would bring them back into arcades, and more.

It’s worth disclosing that LAI Games reached out to me for input regarding questions included in the survey. While I’m deeply honored that they sought out my ideas, I’m recommending this survey to all players purely on my accord. This is a really neat initiative that I feel is worth participating in.

Things have been a tough for many arcades lately thanks to the world-halting (and ongoing) issue that is coronavirus. This is our opportunity as players to express how we feel about visiting arcades in light of said issue, as well as provide some general feedback regarding our favorite means of gaming.

I’ve already taken the survey and provided my honest answers. I’m genuinely looking forward to visiting arcades again as soon as possible—albeit with a face mask and my own container of disinfectant wipes.

But don’t let my opinions influence your own. Whether or not you want to step into an arcade again or even take LAI’s survey is totally up to you. That’s the beauty of your voice: it can be used in whatever way you please.

“The Player’s Voice: Arcade Survey” closes June 30. The analysis will be published the first week of July.

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