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General Update 08/23/2021

Heads up! Another Wilcox Arcade “General Update” is coming in hot. I’ve got lots to share with y’all today.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that, as of late, I’ve published a larger quantity of home console game reviews than ever before. The reason is simple: Over the winter of 2020, I wrote and scheduled as many reviews as possible to pad out the spring 2021 semester in case I became too busy with school to write fresh articles in real time.

You’ll never guess what happened.

Producing episodes of MSU2Nite, writing investigative pieces for WKMS, and dealing with all my other classes left me so incredibly swamped that I only wrote one brand-new article for Wilcox Arcade within that entire four-month window. Funnily enough, that article was a shameless plug for my work on MSU2Nite.

Those of you who come here specifically for my coin-op coverage were likely dissatisfied with what I churned out. That’s why, this semester, I plan to write about arcades at a much greater frequency. Heck, I’ve already got some spectacular arcade game reviews in the proverbial pipeline—but I won’t spoil those for you here.

Does this mean I’ll abandon home consoles completely? Absolutely not, considering I’ve written about that side of gaming on Wilcox Arcade for roughly three years now. All this means is that I’d like to pay more attention my website’s namesake.

I can’t guarantee news production will be as regular as it was during the summer of 2021, because I don’t know how hectic my course load will be just yet. However, I can gladly assure you the scheduled reviews and opinions and will scratch your arcade itch.

For full disclosure, even this very article was written with the primary intention of covering my first week back in school. The title may say August, but goodness knows I wrote this crud in May. No kidding!

On the bright side, you won’t have to endure too much more fluff the rest of this year. I’m in a comfortable place at the moment, especially since I’ve been able to recapture my temporarily dampened passion for blogging. I crave nothing more than for you, the wonderful people who frequent my blog, to fully reap the benefits of that passion.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. Make sure to follow me on Twitter or join my Discord server for more of this junk.

(I also have Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr, but uh…I really let those channels fall to the wayside.)

See ya, suckers.



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