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Brandon Cook Promoted to Domestic Sales Executive at Raw Thrills

Brief note: While I do, in fact, have paid Raw Thrills advertising on my site, it does not affect my writing in any way. I receive the same press releases as everyone else, and I write about what I feel like writing about. This is a personal blog.

Now, on with the article.

Brandon Cook, former Marketing & Sales Associate at Raw Thrills, has recently been promoted to Domestic Sales Executive within the company.

According to the press release—which I promise I won’t deliver verbatim—Cook wrote game reviews with Zach and Josh Sharpe for Play Meter Magazine in the early 2000s. (Ah, Play Meter. You will be missed.)

Since coming onboard at Raw Thrills in July 2018, Cook has continually served as the direct pipeline between Raw Thrills and industry observers such as myself.

While I probably shouldn’t conflate news and personal convictions, I’m only writing about a company promotion because it genuinely means something to me. In all my interactions with him, Cook has been more than willing to share everything going on at Raw Thrills HQ.

He and Social Media & PR Manager Jessica DeFranco have made a conscious effort to include my blog in the industry news cycle. Raw Thrills commitment to creators is something I appreciate, even when I write negative sentiments.

So that, my friends, is why I’ve written this incredibly niche “inside baseball” piece. Something has happened at Raw Thrills—the house of Target: Terror, Big Buck Hunter, and TMNT—and I felt compelled to share it.

See ya ‘round, ya sweaty nerds.


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